Acceptable uses of the artwork on the website

To use the images on this website, you must agree to these conditions and click on the link that states, "I agree to these conditions" below.

The images on this website are the property of Mark Calvert and Calvert Studios. Mr. Calvert has invested considerable time and and cash payments for the images on this website. Mr. Calvert retains the unilaterally change this agreement at any time. Mr. Calvert is the sole owner of all images on the website, and retains all rights not specifically granted below:

Permission for the following use of the images contained on this website is granted only for:

1) The use of a single image on any one printing of promotional materials for a service business, such as business cards or letterhead for a birthday party clown, provided that the business is organized as a sole proprietorship or partnership. The images may not be used to sell a product or any service except live entertainment; for example, a printing company does not have permission to use the images as samples in an attempt to sell business cards to birthday party clowns.

2) The use of a single image on a website page or internet advertisement owned by a clown or family entertainer for the purpose of enhancing or selling a live entertainment service. This privilege does not extend to the selling of related products, such as selling promotional coloring books for an additional fee, or the use of the images to sell other services, such as website development services. When an image is utilized on a website, in addition to the previous conditions, the name of the image and the alt. display tags, will not be altered. The images may be resized or colored, but the text associated with the image cannot be altered.

3) A single instance of non-professional use of any one image by an individual or non-profit organization in up to twenty copies of an original printed work, such a poster for a non-profit organization, or a birthday party invitations for personal use.

All other rights are retained, and Mr. Calvert retains the right to recover punitive and compensatory damages and collection expenses for any other use of the images as provided by copyright law.

Other uses of the images will be considered on a case by case basis. You may attempt to contact Mr. Calvert at the following address, however, a lack of response does not constitute acceptance of any other conditions.

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